Dai and His Story

Dai doodle

Dai is a recent character of mine. I used this as a quick warm up so I can get used to drawing digitally once again.

He is based off of one of my goats on a website called Goatlings.  I decided to make a character based off of him.

Dai is known to have a bad temper and is known to be very aggressive, but at the same time, he’s very lazy. His one and only dream is to be rich and be able to do whatever he wants and buy whatever he wishes, but he hates having to work his way up to that point.

He sheds his horn every season, and his horn is extremely valuable. He is part of a nearly extinct species, and due to that, his horn is very expensive. People try to attack him to take his horn by force, which is the cause of that scar on his eye. Due to that attack, he has grown a deep hatred of humans and is extremely aggressive towards any human that tries to get close to him.


The Doctor and Her Monster


This is an old drawing of these two characters that I made a while ago. This story is about a doctor who can do anything, such as giving people functioning wings and multiple arms. While she can do anything and help anyone, most of her patients unfortunately end up as monsters.

The lady on the right is the doctor. No one knows her name, and so she is only known as “Doctor”. She does not like to be sociable and dislikes having to hold conversations that is focused on herself.

The lady on the left is known as Luella, and she’s the doctor’s “storage”. She was formerly a person who was saved by the doctor, and having no where to go, she decided to stay with the doctor and assist her with her job. Luella is wrapped in bandages because she has a ton of zippers on her body, because her job is to hold extra organs and body parts within her body. She is one of the many monsters that the doctor has created.

Rhys’s Friends

Rhys is the younger brother of Raphael, and the older brother of Luna. During his high school and his college days, was (and still is) very popular. Despite his popularity, he only had three friends, who were (and still are) just as popular as he is.

Chucho Planansky is the shortest one out of all of them. He has a unique, silent charm which separates him from the others. He never speaks, not even to the teachers. When he speaks, it’s so quiet that one could not hear him. Despite him never speaking, Chucho and Rhys can understanding each other without saying a single word. Chucho likes to buy presents for his friends, and is known to be just as rich as Valentino. No one knows how Chucho gets his money, and it seems as though they won’t find out anytime soon.

Tora Nagashima is known to have a tiger-like appearance. Along with being flashy in style and intimidating with his physique, he is also known to get into fights. Tora is hot-tempered and easily provoked, which causes his fights. Despite his aggressive nature, Tora is actually easy flustered and cannot maintain eye contact in a conversation. He does not talk often because he is too afraid to speak to others, and his glare is due to how tense he is in social situations. Since he cannot socialize well, he dedicates himself to his studies and sports. Though he is good at sports, he is not that smart. He struggles to maintain his grades, but Rhys and the others help him to the best of their abilities.

Valentino is popular due to his wealth and his personality. With the grace and kindness of a prince, he sweeps anyone who approaches him off of their feet. While he seems kind at first, Valentino is actually manipulative and cunning. Rhys and Chucho found that out very quickly, but Tora had a hard time figuring out Valentino’s personality.

Raphael and His Family

A while ago, I created a story about these three siblings. I have a lot of characters based around monsters, but I never had werewolves. Thus, I created these three.

They all had a happy life with their parents, living in a small house away from the city. Everything was peaceful, until their parents died in a tragic car accident.

It was so sudden that the three didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know if they had any relatives. They thought that they were all alone, until their grandmother suddenly appeared and took them under her wing.

They moved from their small, comfortable house, to a large mansion. It was uncomfortable for the three of them. They were not used to having so many people in a house. The discomfort did not just come from the change in their environment, but it also came from the gazes of their relatives. It didn’t feel right to any of them, even the four-year-old Luna.

From the moment that the three moved in, they faced harassment and abuse from their relatives. Raphael and Rhys did their best to protect Luna as much as they could, but the bullying would always find a way to reach her. The abuse ranged from verbal and physical abuse. None of the three knew why they were getting bullied, until one day, Raphael overheard a conversation between two of his aunts.

He discovered that the three of them were being abused because of their parents. Their mom was to become the wife of another clan, joining the two strong families together. She did not wish to marry the man she was supposed to marry, and secretly dated another man who had no reputation. He was not rich and he was not handsome. When the family had found out that she was dating such a man, they threatened to kill him if she did not break contact with him. The problem escalated when she told her father that she did not want to marry the other family’s son, and he was so infuriated that he tried to beat the sense into her. That night, she took matters into her own hands and took her lover and ran away, far from the family.