Dai and His Story

Dai doodle

Dai is a recent character of mine. I used this as a quick warm up so I can get used to drawing digitally once again.

He is based off of one of my goats on a website called Goatlings.  I decided to make a character based off of him.

Dai is known to have a bad temper and is known to be very aggressive, but at the same time, he’s very lazy. His one and only dream is to be rich and be able to do whatever he wants and buy whatever he wishes, but he hates having to work his way up to that point.

He sheds his horn every season, and his horn is extremely valuable. He is part of a nearly extinct species, and due to that, his horn is very expensive. People try to attack him to take his horn by force, which is the cause of that scar on his eye. Due to that attack, he has grown a deep hatred of humans and is extremely aggressive towards any human that tries to get close to him.


An Old Speedpaint Video

I drew Yogurt, one of my other characters, a long time ago. This was like, my second speedpaint? I was just testing out this new screen recording software called “Hypercam 2”.

Yogurt is one of my favorite characters that I have.