Rhys’s Friends

Rhys is the younger brother of Raphael, and the older brother of Luna. During his high school and his college days, was (and still is) very popular. Despite his popularity, he only had three friends, who were (and still are) just as popular as he is.

Chucho Planansky is the shortest one out of all of them. He has a unique, silent charm which separates him from the others. He never speaks, not even to the teachers. When he speaks, it’s so quiet that one could not hear him. Despite him never speaking, Chucho and Rhys can understanding each other without saying a single word. Chucho likes to buy presents for his friends, and is known to be just as rich as Valentino. No one knows how Chucho gets his money, and it seems as though they won’t find out anytime soon.

Tora Nagashima is known to have a tiger-like appearance. Along with being flashy in style and intimidating with his physique, he is also known to get into fights. Tora is hot-tempered and easily provoked, which causes his fights. Despite his aggressive nature, Tora is actually easy flustered and cannot maintain eye contact in a conversation. He does not talk often because he is too afraid to speak to others, and his glare is due to how tense he is in social situations. Since he cannot socialize well, he dedicates himself to his studies and sports. Though he is good at sports, he is not that smart. He struggles to maintain his grades, but Rhys and the others help him to the best of their abilities.

Valentino is popular due to his wealth and his personality. With the grace and kindness of a prince, he sweeps anyone who approaches him off of their feet. While he seems kind at first, Valentino is actually manipulative and cunning. Rhys and Chucho found that out very quickly, but Tora had a hard time figuring out Valentino’s personality.