The Doctor and Her Monster


This is an old drawing of these two characters that I made a while ago. This story is about a doctor who can do anything, such as giving people functioning wings and multiple arms. While she can do anything and help anyone, most of her patients unfortunately end up as monsters.

The lady on the right is the doctor. No one knows her name, and so she is only known as “Doctor”. She does not like to be sociable and dislikes having to hold conversations that is focused on herself.

The lady on the left is known as Luella, and she’s the doctor’s “storage”. She was formerly a person who was saved by the doctor, and having no where to go, she decided to stay with the doctor and assist her with her job. Luella is wrapped in bandages because she has a ton of zippers on her body, because her job is to hold extra organs and body parts within her body. She is one of the many monsters that the doctor has created.


Traditional Art of Deedia

This was the first speedpaint I did of traditional art. I recorded this with my phone by stacking up some small boxes and setting my phone on top of it. The day before I recorded this, I had bought a calligraphy set with a lot of pen nibs and such, so I was very excited to test these out.