Raphael and His Family

A while ago, I created a story about these three siblings. I have a lot of characters based around monsters, but I never had werewolves. Thus, I created these three.

They all had a happy life with their parents, living in a small house away from the city. Everything was peaceful, until their parents died in a tragic car accident.

It was so sudden that the three didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know if they had any relatives. They thought that they were all alone, until their grandmother suddenly appeared and took them under her wing.

They moved from their small, comfortable house, to a large mansion. It was uncomfortable for the three of them. They were not used to having so many people in a house. The discomfort did not just come from the change in their environment, but it also came from the gazes of their relatives. It didn’t feel right to any of them, even the four-year-old Luna.

From the moment that the three moved in, they faced harassment and abuse from their relatives. Raphael and Rhys did their best to protect Luna as much as they could, but the bullying would always find a way to reach her. The abuse ranged from verbal and physical abuse. None of the three knew why they were getting bullied, until one day, Raphael overheard a conversation between two of his aunts.

He discovered that the three of them were being abused because of their parents. Their mom was to become the wife of another clan, joining the two strong families together. She did not wish to marry the man she was supposed to marry, and secretly dated another man who had no reputation. He was not rich and he was not handsome. When the family had found out that she was dating such a man, they threatened to kill him if she did not break contact with him. The problem escalated when she told her father that she did not want to marry the other family’s son, and he was so infuriated that he tried to beat the sense into her. That night, she took matters into her own hands and took her lover and ran away, far from the family.